Point of Sale
Inventory Control and Point Of Sale System.
Product Identification (By Barcode Scanner & Key Board)

∑ Product pricing
∑ Customer invoicing & receipt printing
∑ Inventory up-dating
∑ Inventory data (quantity + value)
∑ Re-order level warning
∑ Outstanding orders data information
∑ Sales report by product, group & total
∑ Sales report, daily, weekly, monthly & annually.
∑ Addition reports generation on requirement
∑ Purchase order generation for each supplier
∑ Inventory to be updated from factory as database
∑ Resides in factory and updated on store through e mail or floppy disk as required.
∑ Reports to be monitored from factory as well shop.
∑ Transaction log to be maintained.
∑ Inventory levels to be set and check for each item.
∑ Additional features can be added upon mutual agreement.

Time Management System.

∑ In/Out Time.
∑ Late arrival
∑ Early Departure
∑ Off Day.
∑ Absent.
∑ On Leave (Casual/Annual).
∑ On Gazette Holyday.
∑ Over Time/Double Time.
∑ Hours Worked/Attended (Daily/Weekly/Monthly) .
∑ Workers Strength on specific shift.
∑ Irregular/non valid card swiped Shift Reports (Daily/Weekly/Monthly Basis

Library Management System.

∑ Subject wise list of books available in the library.
∑ Index of books with many options for locating books.
∑ Keeping record of books issued and returned.

Laboratory Control System.

∑ Maintenance of equipment and consumables ledger.
∑ Maintenance of issuance and consumption receipts.
∑ Re-ordering of stocks

Finance and Inventory Control System (FICS).

∑ Chart of Accounts to three levels.
∑ Summary of cash, bank book & general journal.
∑ Maintenance of general ledger.
∑ Profit & loss account with comparison to three levels.
∑ Balance sheet with comparison to three levels.

Finance Information Management System (FIMS).

∑ Chart of Accounts to three levels.
∑ Summary of cash, bank book & general journal.
∑ Maintenance of general ledger.
∑ Profit & loss account with comparison to three levels.

Medical Laboratory Management System (LABMAN).

∑ Issuance & maintenance of membership records.
∑ Generation of reports up to 1000 tests.
∑ Ultrasound and X-Ray reports.
∑ Maintenance of patientís records.
∑ Ledgers of doctors, institutions & patients

Inventory Management System.

∑ Maintenance of inventory ledger.
∑ Transaction maintenance of all issues / receipts.
∑ Movement criteria (fast, slow, dead items).
∑ Status of suppliers record and ledger.
∑ Stores accounting reports.
∑ User-defined multilevel item code setup.
∑ Supplier setup.
∑ Multiple warehouse setup.
∑ Automated calendar setup.
∑ Opening balance setup.
∑ Re-order level for each item of inventory.
∑ Lead time.

Personnel System.

∑ Personal details setup.
∑ Location and department setup.
∑ Grade setup.
∑ Allowance and deductions setup.
∑ Leaves setup.
∑ City code setup.
∑ Country setup.
∑ A.C.R. Attribute setup.
∑ Bank and branch setup.

Payroll Management System.

∑ Monthly auto-run pay roll.
∑ Option of 15 types of allowances and deductions.
∑ Coverage of social security, EOBI, GP fund & income tax.
∑ Cash and cheque payment records.
∑ Individual pay slips recording and printing.
∑ Monthly pay roll with coverage of social benefits.
∑ Co-relation of teacher's attendance with class results.
∑ Option often types of allowances and deductions

Fixed Assets System.

∑ User-defined multilevel code setup of assets.
∑ Location setup.
∑ Department setup.
∑ Cost breakup setup.
∑ Calendar setups for tax and financial year.
∑ Depreciation method setup.
∑ Supplier setup.
∑ Assets disposal parties setup.

General Ledger System.

∑ Handling of multi level chart of accounts with a flexibility of having user defined structure of the chart of accounts.
∑ User-defined voucher types, enabling the user to maintain books of accounts, i.e. ledger, sub-ledger, cashbook and bankbook.
∑ Facility for account protection, prohibiting entry of specified accounts against the default account.
∑ Provision of user-defined default account for each voucher type.
∑ Printer setup option to select different types of printers.
∑ Automated calendar setup.

Smart School Solution (Web Development).

∑ Dynamic school website.
∑ Each student owns personal page with all of its bio-data, medals, fines, admirations and student picture.
∑ Online student reports on monthly tests and scheduled exams of school.
∑ Dynamic school notice board showing the latest notices issued from school for students and for their parents.
∑ The parents will be informed through a notification e-mail when ever their child will be absent from school or on his other activities which students normally do not tell their parents.
∑ Timetable of each class/school timings & holidays schedule online.
∑ Attendance of student for previous days and of current day can be viewed.

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